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How does a 360 lace wig be different from a full lace wig?

by Oralia

As everyone knows about the popularity of hair wigs due to their ease. Some people lost their hair for some reason and some of them want to increase the volume of their hair. Both of them have the option of hair wigs. When you talk about hair wigs everyone is confused about the selection of the wig. If you are using hair extension for the first time you have no idea to choose a lace frontal wig or a 360 lace wig? So we tell you how a lace frontal wig is different from a 360 lace wig.

What is meant by 360 lace wig?

Other names for a 360 lace frontal is lace front wig and 360 lace wig. This hair extension is made with middle bundles and the full lace frontal. It consists of a circle lace all over the head and the hair in this lace part is hand-knotted. The human hair in the 360 lace wig is a machine-made wig cap.

What is a full lace wig?

The full lace wig’s base is fully lace made and the complete wig is hand-knotted onto the lace cap. It is a versatile hair extension; you can put a low or high ponytail. It is fully hand-knotted and it has also baby hairs.

Differences between the 360 lace wig and a full lace wig.

Lace size

360 lace wig is designed around the hairline from start to end and attached to the circle of the wig. A full lace wig has complete lace over the whole head.


The full lace is more expensive than a front lace because it has versatilities. The second reason is the hand-knotted, both of them were hand-knotted but full lace has a bigger size due to the whole head. It also uses more hair than lace frontal, that’s why a full lace wig is more expensive than a 360 lace wig.

Ease of Use

Both are easy to install and remove. Both have similar features like fine lace material, combs for grip, baby hair, adjustable straps, etc. But the lace frontal wig requires more maintenance and clean-up than the full lace.


A natural hair wig uses high-quality lace which can help to breathe. So bigger lace area has stronger breathability than the lesser area. The full lace wig has stronger breathability than the 360 lace wig due to the bigger lace area.


Lace frontal wig comes in many types and offers more versatility in hairstyles. You can do a low ponytail or half ponytail but you cannot do a high ponytail because of the lace base. On the other hand, 360 lace front wig has a fine lace base even in the back. Which can allow you to do a high ponytail.

Is a Full lace better than the 360 lace Wig?

First, you have to choose the hairstyle and budget.

If your budget is low, then a 360 lace wig is the best option. It has less installation time also it feels more comfortable compared to full lace.

Additionally, You can weave yourself more hairstyles than the lace.

If you have a high budget full lace wig is worth investing in. It is stronger than lace front wigs.

More durable and required less maintenance.

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