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How to Choose the Right Teppanyaki Table for Outdoor BBQ

by Oralia

Grilling is fun and enjoyable when it is done outdoors. However, when grilling outside, you will face some challenges because all preparation, serving, and cooking space are not the same as that of your kitchen. Fortunately, you can fix this by getting the right teppanyaki table. This is an outdoor BBQ table that provides adequate room for cooking and serving guests. Consider these factors when choosing your teppanyaki BBQ table.

Type of BBQ Table

There are various types of grill BBQ tables and can be classified based on several factors. The common types include grill-in-table, grill prep cart, and serving station.

The grill prep cart is separate from the grill and it can be attached with hooks. It is usually used for prepping food, chopping, and raw meat. As your veggies and meats are grilling, you can clean it and use it for serving.

The grill-in-table is designed to have an inbuilt table. It will still offer the same functionality as the grill prep cart but changes the aesthetic, design, and portability. If you want a standalone BBQ table, then this is the perfect option. It is also an ideal choice if you are looking for a clean tabletop that is convenient to use.

The serving station is mainly used for serving as opposed to cooking and prepping. It has adequate storage and it has a more aesthetic and stylish appearance.

Easy to Clean

Remember that you will be using your teppanyaki table for, prepping food, grilling, and serving. Therefore, you want the tabletop to be resistant to bacteria, easy to clean, and resistant to yeast. It is advisable to choose a stainless steel grill because it is easy to clean and antibacterial. However, if you are only using it to serve or prep your food, you should go for metal or plastic. Metal and plastic grills are not recommended unless you place plastic cutting boards and protectants on top.

Tabletop Space

The reason you need an outdoor grill is to provide extra space for serving and preparing food. Therefore, you should ensure you choose an outdoor BBQ table with adequate room. This does not mean it should be too large as it might become obtrusive. Nevertheless, it should offer adequate space for holding sauces, adding seasoning, and shaping burgers.


Just like the tabletop, you need extra storage space for cooking, serving, and grilling equipment. There are different storage options offered by teppanyaki tables. For grill preparation, you need a place to store paper towels and grill accessories.


If you are not planning to move the grill table, you should not be concerned about portability. Sometimes you might be taking your grill table to a tailgate party, you should ensure it is easy to move and maneuver.


From the above, you can tell there are many things to consider. The idea is to decide whether you will be using the table for food preparation, grilling, or serving. Also, you need to know the features that are quite important.

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