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Signs Showing Malfunctioning Of High Pressure Fuel Pump In BMW

by Oralia

For so many years, BMW is still setting a standard for all other high-performance vehicles. It is due to its luxurious interior as well as unique design. BMW is an excellent vehicle that gives you all kinds of experiences whether you are with your friends, colleagues, or family. No matter what the reason behind purchasing your BMW, you always know that you have bought something that will last for a longer time.

Even if your BMW is a super-efficient vehicle, however, it will still face malfunctioning just like any other common vehicle. According to experts whether you own a BMW or a mini cooper, the mini cooper high pressure fuel pump will become the biggest reason for malfunctioning. If you are a beginner and want to know all about it then continue reading this piece article till the end.

What Do You Mean By High-Pressure Fuel Pump?

Whether you are a BMW owner or a mini cooper owner, your vehicle always consists of two types of fuel pumps. The first one is known as an LPFP while the other is known as an HPFP. The LPFP is actually responsible for pulling fuel from your fuel tank.

On the other hand, the HPFP aims to move the fuel to the combustion chamber. In case your high-pressure fuel pump starts malfunctioning, you will not be able to drive it as you are accustomed. Once the malfunctioning is pointed out, you shouldn’t wait long to bring your vehicle to any expert manufacturer or mechanic.

What Are Malfunctioning Signs In BMW’s High-Pressure Fuel Pump?

  • When you are looking for signs to know about the malfunctioning of the high-pressure fuel pump in your BMW, you should try to read the user manual first. A good manufacturer will always give detailed instructions and malfunctioning details in the user manual of your car.
  • One of the major signs Showing malfunctioning of your BMW is that it starts losing its power when it accelerates or goes uphill.
  • To detect malfunctioning, you can also make use of a fuel pressure gauge.
  • The second most important sign is that your vehicle is taking too much time to get started. This indicates that the high-pressure fuel pump is not doing well. This happens due to leakage in the high-pressure fuel pump.  The leakage in the fuel pump depressurizes the whole vehicle causing it to give you low performance. With the depressurized fuel pump, it may become harder to pull the fuel to the combustion chamber. This is how it starts malfunctioning.


In order to determine the malfunctioning of your high-pressure fuel pump, you should talk to an experienced and skilled mechanic. Doing everything on your own may result in more damage. According to some experts, if you are looking to check the location of the leak in your high-pressure fuel pump, you may also use methods such as leak down test and injector balance. However, you need to be an expert at performing these methods otherwise you will end up with some other damages.

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