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The Storing Process of A Short Bob Wig

by Oralia

If you have a blonde bob wig, you will want it to last for a long period. That will mean you need to store it properly. This guide explains how you should store your blonde Bob wig properly.

Wear Wig for only short periods

The reason you are thinking of storing your wigs is to maintain them to elongate their lifespan. However, storing it alone is not going to make the wig have a longer lifespan. How you wear the wig is the most influential factor. If you wear your wig daily, it is the most exposed to sunlight, rain, and other elements. As such, the wig will lose its color easily and quickly. So before you bother about storing your wig, think of wearing it optimally. Treat your wig like the way you treat your hair. Since you can not wear a single style of hair for a month, you should not be wearing a Bob Wig for more than two weeks.

Wash your wig with great products

After you have worn your wig for the stipulated time, you want to wear it; the next thing to consider is the cleanliness of the wig. If you store a dirty wig in your closet, the dirt on that wig will leave the wig smelling; it will begin to stick and decay parts of the wig, like the wig cap. It is crucial that you wash your wig before you store the wig. Use a shampoo that you can trust not to tamper with the wig’s color to wash it. Also, ensure that you are not combing while washing. If you need to come, your hands are the tools to use. Immediately after you wash, remember to use a conditioner. The conditioner is there to restore the shine of the wig that the washing must have taken away. Do not wash any wig if you do not have a conditioner.

Dry up your wig naturally

Do not make the mistake of storing a wig that is wet or damp. It is a case of doing more bad than good. The best drying process is to allow the wig to dry naturally. After this, the storing process is minimal.

Get a mannequin or hook

To store the wig, you need to hang it on a hook or mannequin within the home. You need to ensure there is ventilation.


A common mistake we all make with our wigs is neglecting the need for proper storage. We just wear the wigs and throw them anywhere we want when it is off our heads. However, the wig is an item that needs proper storage for you to use it for a long time. You may think that since it is a short Bob Wig, there is no real need to store it too correctly. However, you must know that your Bob wigs can get tangled, and these entanglements are usually the worst types because they have short strands. Storing a wig is, however, not just about putting it in an enclosed space, as discussed in the article above. It also involves a lot of processes. You can follow the steps in this guide for storage.

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