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12 Inch Mattress Options

by Oralia

The most common mattress size is 12 inches, and most people are comfortable with mattresses in this size range. This article highlights the various options available for a 12 inch mattress of different sizes. You’ll also find the other thickness variations available in mattresses, the comfort variations in different mattresses, and how the thickness of a mattress can affect your sleep, body posture, and even your mental health.

Different Size Options In 12 Inch Mattresses

Multiple size options are available in a 12-inch mattress for different sizes of mattresses. You can choose a 12-inch mattress according to the size of your bed.

1. Single Size

The size of a single mattress is 3 feet or 36 inches. If you want a 12-inch mattress for your single bed, you can easily purchase one online or customize it online or from your local mattress store. Make sure to measure the length and breadth of your bed precisely before customizing it.

2. King Size

A king-sized bill measures 6 feet 72 inches and gives enough legroom for tall people to sleep comfortably. A 12-inch mattress for a king-sized bed is easily available on the internet or in any offline store.

3. Queen Size

A queen-size mattress comes at 5 feet or 60 inches and fits beautifully in a large room. A 12-inch mattress on such a big bed will be comfortable and look extremely exquisite. This size of mattress is also available online as well as offline.

More Thickness Variations

1. 6 Inches

Because they’re fairly portable, 6-inch mattresses are ideal for children, short people, and persons with restricted mobility.

2. 8 Inches

The great majority of sleepers will be supported by an 8-inch mattress made of high-density foam. 8 inches allows for a support foam layer and comfort layers. The thinnest mattress we recommend for all-around sleepers is 8 inches.

3. 14 Inches

Tall people or perhaps those sleeping on their sides may find 14-inch mattresses more comfortable, while they are more expensive to compensate for the extra durability and materials utilized.

4. 16 Inches

The average mattress is 16 inches thick to give enough support and comfort. However, 16-inch mattresses are uncommon. Thinner mattresses are pretty firm, facilitating a solid sleep surface, whereas thicker mattresses are luxurious and give a little more.

5. More than 16 Inches

Mattresses thicker than 16 inches are considered outmoded since they are very massive and provide slightly more comfort as opposed to the thinner alternates. You’d have to acquire a custom-made mattress because no popular mattress brands create mattresses of that thickness.


It is evident that 12-inch mattresses are rather widely popular and most comfortable to sleep on and therefore preferred by the majority of the population. The 12-inch mattress is perfect for people of all sizes and all kinds of sleepers and, therefore, can be custom-made or ready-made available in both online and offline stores. The mattress is available for different sizes of beds ranging from single beds to queen size and full-sized beds. Choose the one that suits you best.

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