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How to look elegant in a casual wear

by Oralia

Being elegant should not restrict you to formal outfits only. You can dress in a casual outfit and still look as elegant as you want to. By incorporating beautiful casual outfits in your style, you will achieve a composed but chill look. Keep reading if you want to discover tips on how you can look elegant in casual clothes.

Casual clothes are relaxed pieces of clothing that are spontaneous, and they became popular in the 1960s. Pieces such as long tops for women, jackets, denim, etc., can be styled and accessorized to give you a casual yet elegant look. Here are some tips to help you:

Select The Right Clothes

One sure way to maintain elegance in casual outfits is to wear well-fitting clothes. You will appear more composed and stylish in clothes that are moderately fitted. It is vital to ensure that your choice of clothes fits your body shape and are not too tight, or they can make you uncomfortable.

When selecting casual outfits, ensure to stick to clothes that are fitted. Well-tailored clothes will flatter your physique and offer immediate elegance.

Another great tip is to always try on clothes before buying and ensure to stick to your exact size when purchasing clothes online.

Just because an outfit is casual, it does not have to be boring. To look elegant while rocking casual clothes, it is crucial to choose trendy and classic styles that you can dress up to achieve elegance. Here are some ideas you can explore:

– Collared shirts

– Blazers

– Jeans

– Slacks

– Sweaters

– Dress shirts, etc.


To look elegant in casual clothes, the essential thing after picking out the right clothes is styling. Styling involves combining pieces of clothing to create an overall smooth finish. Here are some tips to help you style your casual pieces to create statement looks:

– Jeans

Jeans are very famous for being casual clothing, and they come in a variety of designs. When selecting your pair, it is vital to avoid deconstructed jeans, to avoid looking rugged and rough.

After choosing a suitable pair of jeans, you can dress them up with a printed blouse or T-shirt. As long as your T-shirt and jeans fit well, you are bound to appear elegant after throwing on a nice pair of boots and accessories.

Another great styling tip is layering. Layering involves combining different lengths of clothes to create an elegant finish. To do this, you can wear a jacket over a slim shirt or a sweater over a collared blouse to keep you warm and elegant.


Accessorizing is the final touch that puts your look together. One accessory can take your look from zero to a hundred if worn correctly. Here are some accessorizing tips you should try:

– Shoes

For every outfit you wear, your shoes serve as the binder that puts everything in place. Ensure that your shoe color matches your outfit. This should not stop you from wearing bright colors; it just means that you ensure that your shoes complement every outfit you wear.

– Scarves & Belts

Scarves, belts, and ties are also great accessories that can impact your look. You can style your neutral clothing with bold prints and colors to complete the look.

Overall, looking elegant in casual wear is achievable. With these tips shared in this article, you can wear your casual clothes and appear elegant and fashionable.

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