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Eight Quick Steps To Setting Up An Electric Pressure Washer

by Oralia

An electric pressure washer is one of the most popular home equipment. It uses electric power to operate efficiently. The power also makes home cleaning chores easy and fast to handle. The best thing about the pressure washer is that you can easily request it online from a reputable manufacturing company. But, if you have already bought your machine, you should know the best way to set it up. Below is a simple guideline on setting up the pressure washer.

1. Clean the water supply hose

If your hose is not brand new, the first step should be to wash it. Cleaning the hose will help remove any accumulated debris and dust, thus increasing efficiency levels. You can clean the hose by connecting it to an outdoor tap. Then turn the tap on to let water flow into the hose to clean it for about a minute.

2. Connect the water supply hose to your electric pressure washer

After cleaning the house, the next step involves connecting it to your machine. First, locate where the pressure washer’s inlet is. Most devices usually have the inlet at the top of the machine. Once you find it, insert your hose into the inlet.

3. Join the high-pressure hose and the machine

Most electric pressure washers usually come with a high-pressure hose. The process of connecting it to your pressure is relatively straightforward. You only need to locate the machine’s high-pressure hose port and connect it.

The critical point to note is to tighten it up. The main reason behind tightening it is to avoid water leakages.

4. Join the high-pressure hose and the spray gun

The key point is that a pressure washer needs a spray gun to release pressurized water. Thus, this step is one of the most essential and delicate ones. Put the high-pressure hose’s free end at the spray gun’s bottom.

Then, screw the hose into the spray gun. Some of the best pressure washers have a smart locking mechanism. The mechanism will automatically lock the hose into the gun. It will also ensure that the hose is well secured.

5. Set up the nozzle

After connecting the spray gun and high-pressure hose, you need to set up the nozzle. You can connect the nozzle by placing it at the end of the spray gun and twisting it. Also, make sure it fits properly for efficiency.

6. Connect the electric pressure washer to your power source

This step is incredibly delicate, and you should do it with utmost care. You need to locate your power outlet and plug in the power cord. Depending on your needs, you can choose to use your in-door or outdoor wall socket. You can also use an extension cable for outdoor activities.

7. Fill the water compartment in the electric pressure washer with water

You can do it by turning on the water faucet. If you avoid this step, your pump can easily damage. It is because of the inflow of air. After your machine has enough water, you can begin the cleaning process.

8. Turn the pressure washer’s power on

Press the on button to start washing. The machine will deliver adequate power for whatever job you need.


An electric pressure washer is a useful tool for your home cleaning routine. Thus, you must know how to set it up properly after purchase. The above simple steps will help guide you on doing it correctly.

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