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A hand-held showerhead: Why you need one

by Oralia

When in the bathroom, all you need is maximum comfort. That is why a shower is the most used space at home. When waking up, you must freshen up, and after a tiresome day, all you need is a relaxed and cool shower. Under such circumstances, a hand held shower head would come in handy as it will improve your bathroom experience.

Maybe you are wondering what a hand-held shower head is. Well, it is simply a shower that you can detach and adjust from the fixed mount. So, do you want to know the reasons why you should already own a hand-held shower? Read below.

Reasons why you should have a hand-held shower

It is perfect for old people, the disabled, and kids

When old people, kids, or those people who are abled differently take a shower, they experience some form of difficulty, especially when they have to move around. Under such circumstances, hand-held showerheads become a handy tool that simplifies ay complexity. So, a person can comfortably bathe while seated or in any given position. Besides, they minimize the chances of sliding and causing some injuries when a person is taking a bath. As in the case of kids, it is all a fun experience since you will wash the kids by spraying adjusted water on them. Besides, some children fear huge water pouring from the shower accompanied by noise. So, a hand-held shower head becomes quite significant.

Less Strenuous

During the process of showering, you must move around to rinse your body. However, imagine a situation where you are injured or dealing with joint pains. It can be a real struggle in the bathroom. However, with a hand-held shower head, you will realize the whole process is simplified. You only need to stay in one position and move the showerhead around your body as you rinse off the soap.

Conserves Water and Energy

When taking a shower, you will use plenty of water and energy at the same time. However, you want to minimize the rate of water usage and energy and pay a reasonable bill at the end of the month. This can only be possible when using a hand-held shower head. During the showering process, using a hand-held shower head, you only direct the water where necessary and when there is a need to. This means no water and energy are wasted during the whole process.

Easy to clean the Shower Walls

As far as bathing is concerned, you also need to take a shower in a clean space. Many people always have trouble scrubbing and rinsing the shower walls as a result of soap and steam sticking on the walls. With a hand-held shower head, you can always stretch the shower and rinse the walls after every shower to ensure your walls remain as clean as possible all the time.

They help in cleaning pets

A hand-held showerhead makes it possible to clean your pets. Instead of spending extra money cleaning the pets away from home, get a hand-held shower head and save the money.


Do you still doubt if you need a hand-held shower head? I hope you now have every reason to grab yourself such a sophisticated tool and enjoy your bathing experience.

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